Welcome to my PCT Hike 2014

Taken from pcta.org

Taken from pcta.org

Important: My brother and I didn’t finish the PCT this year.

I am officially off of the PCT. I’m sorry. My foot pain is almost unbearable and I couldn’t hike for very long. Please see my last blog post for more information. Cody is still hiking the trail and he is just getting into Mammoth Lakes. I’m sure he will be able to make it to Canada.

Original Blog Introduction: Sister & brother hiking trip. One with a light pack and the other with a gargantuan monstrosity. This is my blog that I’ll be posting about my Pacific Crest Trail hike. I plan on blogging while on the trail but I will need wifi to post so the updates will be intermittent and bulky while I’m on the trail. My posts at the beginning will show how I’m preparing for the hike. I’m super excited to do this hike from Mexico/US border to the Canadian/US border. I truly hope I can make it to the end without injury or a mental breakdown. Happy hiking everyone.

Update October 24th, 2014. Since I’ve been getting a few views more than normal (I figure from people researching for their 2015 hike) I thought I would share some more insight into our hike. Cody made it to Ashland but decided to stop because of a number of circumstances. 1: Home was only 2 hours away. 2: He wasn’t able to afford to continue. 3: His job was on “standby” and he felt obligated to return. 4: The fires were smoking him out.

I think I should share some of his pictures in a blog post but I feel they may not be that interesting. If enough people want, I could ask him to write up a blog post of his own experience with pictures. I check my email regularly and if anyone has any questions about anything, please comment on a blog post and I will reply. I’m not sure if people get alerted to reply-comments from me so maybe check in afterward.

One thing that might be helpful advice with foot problems (although everyone is different) is that I’ve been off my feet since June and they continually hurt to this day. I no longer have pain in the morning but intense pain by the end of the day. I can’t go grocery shopping without my feet hurting really bad. Imagine the biggest muscle cramp you’ve had along with deep needles digging into your heel. I thought I could heal this on my own (by staying off my feet) but after 5 months of being off of my feet, I think I need to see a specialist. I blame myself for pushing through the pain. I want everyone to know that this is different for everyone. I talked to people who got over their foot pain quickly but I didn’t. I kept walking past horrible pain thinking that eventually I would get over it and I didn’t. It’s subjective. You can probably make the hike even though you experience plantar fasciatiis but in my experience I couldn’t.
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1 thought on “Welcome to my PCT Hike 2014

  1. Raggs.........Jeff

    Marcella………this is Rags: I finished the trail on 8/15/14 … I never forgot you. you inspired me every step of the way. I always thought about how courageous you were to do the trail. I ran into your brother in Warner Springs after a storm. He is a nice guy and fought with poison oak…… lost, lol! You are an angel Marcella, never quit trying……….. I love you girl, Rags


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